Sorting channels on your hightech TV is just a pain?

Finding a favourite channel within a 1000 is cumbersome?

Every change of a channel's position requires to navigate through too much menus?

All in all, you feel that editing the channel list of your TV is nerve-wracking and you wish you'd have a tool which solves all those problems?

Channel List Editor makes sorting channels easy!

Channel List Editor let's you conveniently edit your TV's channel list on your Android phone or tablet!

Channel List Editor provides you a super-simple touch inteface!

Finding a channel is ridiculously easy!

Moving a channel requires just three finger movements!

How does it work?

Step 0: Your Android smartphone must support the USB mass storage mode.

Step 1: Transfer the current channel list to your Android device via USB.

Step 2: Edit your channel list with the Channel List Editor app.

Step 3: Transfer your channel list back to the TV